Kudos to My Website Design Maven…

Sometimes, when you’re running a small business ~ it can seem like you’re alone on an deserted island, waiting for the rescue team to pull up on the beach. (Yep, I’m a child of the Gilligan’s Island era. BTW, why DID they have all those clothes for a three-hour tour? But, I digress…)

Stellar Communications is my rescue team.

I’ve worked with Amy Hufford (the brains behind Stellar) on countless design and production projects for my clients… from websites to graphics to email marketing campaigns, you name it. They’re always thrilled with the outcome ~ the expertise she provides, the quality of her work, the affordability of her services.

Then, I enlisted Amy to help me create my own website…

I gained a whole new level of appreciation for her particular genius. I love it that I can tune, grow, manage, maintain and evolve this website of my own volition, no assistance required. Plus, I can much more easily create other components of my online marketing, and integrate them with my website. Now, when my creative juices start flowing, I have everything I need to make it all happen…

Amy’s insight, guidance and training helped me get there ~ it’s a major breakthru for me. Seriously, I’m totally digging the freedom and power this gives me.

The online world is now my oyster.  

 Wanna talk to my Website Design Maven? Give Amy a shout.