Meet Cathy ~ Entrepreneurial Marketing Maven.

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I have to confess… working with entrepreneurs is what I was born to do. I’m infinitely inspired by their courage and fortitude, in bringing their vision to life. I believe it has something to do with that magnetic energy field they generate, the entrepreneurial spirit. Helping businesses, and their creators, realize their vision is what drives me, challenges me, and inspires me ~ every day.  

What’s up with the Maven thing?

I was first dubbed a maven by a client, who introduced me to a friend by saying “hey, I want you to meet my marketing maven!”  In that moment, I cringed and thought… jeeeze, does that mean I’m old now? Over time and a few grey hairs later, the idea began to grow on me ~ sure enough, other clients (as well as partners, colleagues, and happy hour buddies) began to call me the Maven. Guess you can see that, by now, I have fully embraced my mavenhood.

About me and my marketing endeavors.

The entrepreneurial bug bit me fresh out of grad school. I began building my first marketing biz during the infamous mid-80s, when that first big economic bust hit Austin ~ and my fledgling company ~ hard. Alas, my first crash course in the agony and ecstasy life of an entrepreneur. Turns out, t’was a great experience for this maven-in-training.

Fast forward to the 90’s.

Soon, I found myself smack dab in the middle of Austin’s emerging entrepreneurial boom. I surfed that wave and earned my marketing maven stripes working with three successful start-ups in a row. Yeeha. An amazing opportunity for me to see, first hand, what it takes for a new venture to plot and navigate the course to success. Most importantly, I had a golden opportunity to play an instrumental role in making that success happen.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Before long, I realized there were lotsa folks inviting me to lunch to “pick my brain” about the secrets of my companies’ success. Ready for a brave new adventure, I decided to hang out my shingle and start selling those secrets ~ for more than lunch-size enchiladas.

Voila! Cathy Martin Consults was born.

Since that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to have found my way to living a marketer’s dream. I not only get to work every day with talented, visionary entrepreneurs ~ doing creative, ground-breaking things ~ I get to use my insight and expertise to help them bring their vision to life.

A few years ago, I was invited by St. Edward’s University to create and teach an Entrepreneurial Marketing course in their MBA program. That was big buckets of fun. BTW, did I mention that I’m also a certified coach?

My client roster has evolved over time, into ever broader horizons ~ from technology to architectural design, retail massage, venture capitalists, organizational and business strategy firms… even feng shui consultants. Plus, I’ve built a network of impressive talent, the best and brightest, seasoned professionals who share my passion for working with entrepreneurial companies. These folks are ready to collaborate with me to bring to the party any additional expertise required to meet the unique needs of my clients.

Enough about me… let’s talk about you.

I’d love to learn more about you, your company, your vision for the future. Drop me a line… or give me a call at 512-342-0039, and let’s talk.

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