Entrepreneurial Marketing: WTF?

The entrepreneurial brain is a rare and precious thing. Yet, translating that creative genius into a successful venture can be fraught with potential detours. Sometimes, the exact qualities that propel entrepreneurs to create ~ ingenuity, insight, passion ~ can be obstacles to success. Go figure. It often comes down to this… on occasion, entrepreneurs need a little help with the “F word.”

Okay, I’ve said it.
In this case, the F word = FOCUS. For the visionary mind, channeling those creative juices into a clear, concise, consistent focus can be… well, challenging. There’s the morass of decisions and tasks required to keep the company moving in the right direction. Then, there’s the infinite daily challenges of building, delivering and evolving the product offering. Sure, all that has to be done, and done exceptionally well.

But, ultimately, that’s not what drives you to be an entrepreneur.
What compels you to do what you do every day is an innate desire to create something that has a real impact ~ something that delivers true and unique customer value. That’s your purpose ~ your reason for being.

WTF ~ where’s the focus?

Staying focused on, and firmly connected to, your reason for being ~ that unique value that you’re creating for your target customer ~ is absolutely the key to success… for your marketing, and your business.

So, who is that target customer? What is the unique customer value you offer? Is it distinctive and indispensable? How do you reach and connect with your target customers ~ in a way that’s meaningful and compelling? How do you inspire them, engage them, enroll them? How do you build a business and a product that’s truly focused on them.

Hello! That’s where the Marketing Maven comes in.

My greatest strength as an entrepreneurial marketing veteran is helping you clearly define your focus, and keep that focus squarely in sight, as your central navigating point, for all that you do ~ from establishing your foundational marketing strategy, to setting your best plan of action, to executing with precision and impact.

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