Strategize ~ Set the Course.

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“The mind of your target customer” ~ ahh yes, there’s the magic phrase.

The process of defining this perception ~ the “position” that you want to occupy in the mind of your target customer ~ is the fine art of positioning. This is the single most important ingredient in your formula for marketing success. Here’s why…

Positioning puts your focus in the exact right place.

This vantage point shifts your focus from the “internal issues” of building your company and product, and aims it squarely on the key to your success… the unique customer value you offer [your secret sauce ~ and greatest competitive edge]. Your positioning strategy becomes the “central navigating point” for all aspects of your marketing, as well as other key aspects of the business.


Translating your positioning into key messages.

Using your positioning approach as the foundation, the next step is defining compelling, customer-focused messaging. Crystallizing your positioning into key messages that articulate your value clearly, concisely, and consistently ~ in a way that engages, inspires and enrolls your target customer ~ is no short order. It warrants a significant amount of committed, concerted effort.

Positioning & Messaging Development

I’ve worked with more than a dozen entrepreneurial companies to create ground-breaking positioning and messaging strategies using the following simple process:

Discovery and brainstorming: This is a series of sessions where we explore your…

  • Business goals, drivers, situation, and desired outcomes from your marketing.
  • Key success factors, strengths, challenges, opportunities, current marketing efforts ~ successes and obstacles.
  • Target customer persona ~ key characteristics, perspectives, needs, pains, care abouts, buying criteria.
  • Competitors’ products, positioning and messaging, marketing approaches.
  • Your product offering and the unique customer value you deliver, relative competitive offerings.

Positioning & messaging strategy development: Based on the insight gained in our discovery and brainstorming sessions, I will…

  • Summarize key findings, insights and conclusions. Define positioning and messaging strategy recommendations; create an initial draft of the key messaging platform.
  • Present recommendations and messaging platform; collaborate with you/your team to tune and finalize.
  • Provide input and guidance regarding optimal approaches for successfully implementing positioning and messaging, with precision and impact.

The strategy document delivered provides a concise, synthesized overview of your company’s target customer, competitive advantages, and unique customer value. This becomes a very valuable resource for you ~ and your entire team ~ in moving forward with building your company and product, based on the customer value you’re best positioned to deliver.

Most importantly, as a result of this work… your entrepreneurial venture will have a clear, concise, well-conceived positioning approach and messaging platform to serve as the foundation for creating highly effective marketing/sales programs, tools and activities.

Ready to get your strategy developed?  Drop me a line.