Plan ~ Build the Roadmap.

Hire > Strategize > Plan > Execute

A well-conceived positioning strategy and customer-focused messaging are key for setting your course. Now, it’s a matter of translating that strategy into a practical, carefully crafted, executable plan. 

For some companies, the planning process goes pretty much like this: “Ok, let’s jump on getting that website launched, do some search engine ads, go to some trade shows, send out a press release and email blast. Hey, maybe we should write a blog? How about a Facebook page? Does anyone know how to do that Twitter thing?” Could be that those marketing avenues are right on the money. On the flip side, they could be a complete waste of precious resources. (Yowch!)

The point is… there are limitless marketing weapons available to you. Without good due diligence, you’re totally shooting in the dark.

The marketing plan litmus test.

Each and every marketing vehicle has its own particular strengths ~ and challenges. Understanding these pros/cons is crucial for selecting the exact right vehicles to achieve your goals, within your budget and target time frame. You’ll also want to carefully consider how the various pieces and parts of your marketing will work together. Synergy is the ticket to a bigger, better payoff ~ for the short term and over the long haul.

These are all factors to consider, but… here’s the most important litmus test for deciding which marketing avenues to include in your roadmap plan… how effective will it be in reaching and connecting with your target customer, delivering your message with impact, enabling you to claim that unique “position” that you want to own, and ultimately, bringing customers to your door.

Roadmap Plan Development

Getting entrepreneurial ventures aimed in the right direction is something I’m infinitely passionate about. I help companies make solid, well-directed decisions about the best marketing plan of action (aka the roadmap), using the following simple process:

Discovery and goal setting: This is an initial exploratory session where we will…

  • Clarify your marketing priorities, short-term and long-term goals, and desired outcomes.
  • Explore your company’s previous marketing efforts ~ successes or  lack thereof.
  • Review current marketing approaches, content, programs, tools and activities.
  • Identify all existing marketing assets and resources to be leveraged, refined or expanded; as well as what’s missing and still needs to be created.

Roadmap plan development: 
Based on the information and insight gained in initial session, I will…
  • Define optimal approaches for reaching and connecting with your target customers, creating and delivering content that establishes your desired “position” in the mind of the customer.
  • Identify the specific marketing vehicles, programs, activities and tools required to achieve your specific goals and desired outcomes.
  • Collect relevant information regarding selected marketing elements and evaluate the appropriate execution time frame and expenditure levels.
  • Develop and deliver a consolidated roadmap plan including recommendations for successful execution.
  • Present recommendations and  collaborate with you/your team to tune and finalize.

Ready to get your marketing roadmap underway?  Drop me a line.

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