Wondering Where to Start?

For many entrepreneurs, marketing is like the “black box” part of the business. It can be confusing, tricky, even treacherous. What role should marketing play in building your business? How do you reach your target customers? What and where should you invest? How do you know if it’s working? What should you do vs. not do?  

Ah yes, the biggest quandary…

Figuring out what not to do can be the biggest challenge companies face. Resources are exceptionally precious in your entrepreneurial world. Marketing endeavors that don’t deliver the goods can be oh-so painful, not only in terms of bucks. Often, it’s the opportunity cost that hurts the most.

So, where do you start?

My answer is simple. Start with what you’ve got ~ right where you are today… from there, plot a focused, well-directed, step-by-step course to where you want to be. That’s what my JumpStart Package is all about.

JumpStart your marketing.

This special package is designed to provide a practical marketing action plan that you can implement via your own internal resources… or you can use as the foundation for working with me and/or other external specialists. Doesn’t matter to me! The usual JumpStart Package includes the following; however, this can be customized for you, depending on your specific situation, needs and goals. 

Discovery and brainstorming ~ this is where we take a close look at…

  • What do you want your marketing to do for your business?

Your best marketing approach ~ that just right mix of messages, vehicles and programs, tools, budget and time frame ~ is totally dependent on what you want your marketing to do for your business. The big goal here is to pinpoint the specific outcomes you desire and define the most efficient, cost-effective plan of attack for delivering on those desired results.

  • What’s your unique customer value?

We’ll dig a little deeper into who your ideal target customers are, and that special something you offer them [you know, the thing that: a) they can’t live without, and b) sets you apart from the herd]. This is the all-important “central navigating point” for your marketing, and your company’s success.

  • How do you get your marketing machine rolling?

If your business is a brand new venture, we can explore the best avenues and options for getting your marketing out of the starting gate ~ while avoiding those all-too-common pitfalls and detours.

  • What’s working vs. what’s not

If your marketing has been underway for while, there may be things that just aren’t working quite right… or stuff you want to do, but haven’t yet figured out how. I’d be willing to lay odds that you have some hidden gems waiting to be tapped [in a bigger, better way] ~ and possibly some obstacles blocking your path? We’ll get all that out on the table, so it can be factored into your marketing equation.

Recommendations this is where you receive feedback, insight and guidance in a concise, focused, practical “what to do next” summary… so you can get your marketing on the fast track and your business moving in the right direction. [No more mysterious marketing black box!]

Here’s another approach ~ for you “self-marketing” types

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who prefers the “do-it-yourself” approach, here’s another alternative ~ just for you. I can work with you, as your marketing coach, to help you navigate your own JumpStart process. With this approach, we will explore the issues and areas listed above via a series of coaching sessions. You can learn how to develop your own practical marketing action plan, with insight and guidance from the Maven.

Cost: Coaching sessions are $95 per hour. The content and number of coaching sessions can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Plus, coaching packages are available, with a reduced rate for 5+ sessions.

Drop me a line or give me a call at 512-342-0039… and let’s talk about JumpStarting your marketing.