How Do I Work? I Thought You’d Never Ask.

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Potential clients always ask “so, how do you work?”… I always respond “how do you need me to work?” That’s not some close-the-sale pick-up line ~ it’s just the way I roll.

I work with clients the way they need me to work.

My client engagements are all unique ~ from big, deep and wide to small and precision focused. Things often start with the big picture strategy stuff, but not always. Sometimes, clients need my help in figuring out or fine-tuning their plan of attack. Others are ready to get the ball rolling ~ executing a project or two is all that’s required. The prime directive in my camp is to provide *precisely* what you need ~ whatever that might entail.

Some clients need a Maven, for the longer haul.

These folks, in some cases, bring me onboard as their “Virtual VP of Marketing.” I become their go-to-maven, planning and managing all the pieces and parts of their marketing.

It’s a win~win, all the way around. They get a seasoned marketing pro, without the hassle, commitment or cost of hiring one full time. And, I get to have a role in the day-to-day process of bringing their marketing to fruition. Love it when that happens.

There are times when a little coaching is the ticket.

That’s right, I’m also a certified coach. My been-there-done-that history with entrepreneurial companies makes me a good sounding board for CEOs and other execs ~ after all, it can be lonely at the top. I’ve worked with marketing leaders, and/or their staff, to help establish good marketing practices and processes, get the right individuals in the right roles, increase productivity, and generally get the marketing part of the business working like a well-oiled machine.

I’m not an agency ~ I’m YOUR Marketing Maven.

One important thing to know… if you need additional specialized resources ~ for stuff like graphic design or illustration, media relations, sales strategies, etc ~ I have those specialists readily available in my network.

My network includes the best and brightest, seasoned professionals who are especially good at working with entrepreneurial ventures and doing that on a bootstrapped budget. The cost for these services is never “passed thru” or “marked up” by my company. That’s because I’m not an agency, I’m your Marketing Maven.

Enough about me… let’s talk about you.

I’d love to learn more about you, your company, your vision for the future. Drop me a line… or give me a call at 512-342-0039, and let’s talk.

Wanna learn more about the services I offer? Here’s a snapshot.