Execute ~ Make it Happen.

Hire > Strategize > Plan > Execute

It’s all too easy to think of execution as just the tactical side of the equation ~ marketing activities and tasks that can be delegated down the food chain, while the big guys focus on the “important” parts of building the business.

Alas, the death knell for even the most ingenuous marketing strategy. 

Bringing your marketing plan to fruition requires more than just the right tactics. It takes a disciplined and systematic approach, keen prioritization, and a solid understanding of how to make your marketing pay off, here at this crucial stage, where the rubber hits the road.

This is where many companies begin the delicate process of creating the content needed to deliver their message to the market. Seems simple enough… its just a matter of good writing skills, right? Well, not so much.

Content ~ the holy grail of marketing.

You could have the world’s most innovate website, beautiful collateral, so forth and so on. But, if they’re not saying the just right things (in the just right way), they’re nothing short of window dressing. Delivering your messaging concisely ~ with clarity, consistency and impact ~ is crucial, and it’s no small undertaking.

Effective content simply can’t be created  in an adhoc, whip-it-out fashion. Strategic thinking + planning + good writing skills + well-orchestrated coordination… that’s the magic formula. 

All things in good time.

Yes, your marketing can (and absolutely should) have an immediate impact on your business. But, focusing too much on the short-term can lead to frustration, confusion and missed opportunities. Don’t underestimate the time and effort required for your marketing to take hold and produce meaningful results. There are elements of your marketing that can/will kick-in and generate that instant-gratification you need and want. But, this isn’t the biggest bang your marketing can deliver. After all, marketing is by nature a momentum-building process.

Your marketing needs a maven.

And, I don’t mean just this Maven. Responsibility for execution decisions and tasks are often left to those who have little proven marketing experience. I know, that fresh-outa-college marketing whippersnapper is one smart cookie! But, odds are… s/he doesn’t have the tried-and-true expertise needed to take your marketing to where it needs to go.

Regardless of where you find your maven resources ~ hiring a seasoned professional or finding the appropriate consultant ~ the point is… just do it! Otherwise, you’re jeopardizing your chances for stellar marketing success.

Marketing Execution Services

Let’s say you’d like to explore how this Maven can play a role in “making your marketing happen.” My execution role with clients can take a variety of shapes, depending on how you need me to work:

  • Project-based:  We can identify the specific projects, deliverables or plan elements to be developed, along with the target time line and budget.
  • Hourly:  We can set a target number of hours per month, for a given time frame/budget, to be used for the execution of a variety of projects, deliverables or marketing plan elements.
  • Retainer:  For longer engagements, a monthly fee can be established based on the scope of work to be done each month. You have immediate, ongoing access to proven marketing expertise ~ without the overhead or commitment of hiring a full-time, seasoned marketer.

One important thing to know…

If the execution of your marketing requires additional specialized resources ~ like graphic design or illustration, media relations, sales strategies, etc ~ I have those specialists readily available in my network. My network includes seasoned professionals who are especially good at working with entrepreneurial ventures and doing that on a bootstrapped budget. The costs for these specialized services are never “passed thru” or “marked up” by my company. I’m not an agency, I’m YOUR marketing maven.

Ready to get your execution underway?  Drop me a line.

Wondering where to start?  Check out my JumpStart Package.