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Being the entrepreneur that you are…

You have a vision for the future crystallizing in your head. That’s lucky for me, because my particular expertise is excavating those precious gems ~ and helping you turn them into a practical, focused, affordable, executable marketing strategy and roadmap plan.

One size does not fit all.

Marketing approaches that work great for the big guys might not work so great for you ~ too big, too broad, too costly, too slow to pay off. Unfortunately, many agencies and consultants don’t understand the unique challenges you face. The wrong marketing avenues can mean lotsa lost time and moola ~ two things you simply don’t have to lose.

Your entrepreneurial company needs entrepreneurial marketing.

On my way to Mavenhood, I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurial companies ~ all shapes, sizes and flavors ~ from the upfront brainwork to the daily, hands-on heavy lifting. My work with clients usually involves all, or some parts, of the following:

  • Strategize ~ Set the course.

    Imagine the ideal impact you could have on the target customer… now imagine marketing that captures and conveys this impact in a way that creates the ideal perception in the mind of that target customer. Yes, this is where the magic happens… where we find that “central navigating point” for putting you on course to your desired destination.   >> Learn more.

  • Plan ~ Build the roadmap.

    One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurial companies face is deciding what not to do. Marketing that doesn’t deliver the goods can be oh-so painful, not only in lost bucks, but opportunity costs. Never fear, the Maven is here to help you identify the precise marketing vehicles, programs, activities and tools to fit your situation, goals, budget and time frame. >> Learn more.

  • Execute ~ Make it happen.

    Mister Edison (Thomas, of course) said: “Vision without execution is hallucination.” It is, in deed, all in the execution. So, why is it that so many entrepreneurial companies get stuck here? Hmm, perhaps that plan wasn’t exxxactly practical and actionable ~ or the resources needed to implement were underestimated? (Rule of thumb… do the math on what you think its gonna take to execute your marketing ~ time, money, effort ~ and multiply that by three… ok, five). >> Learn more.

How do I work? I thought you’d never ask.

I work with my clients the way they need me to work. No pre-fab, fill-in-the-blank, cookie-cutter solutions. My client engagements are all unique ~ from big, deep and wide to small and precision focused.

>> Here’s a quick overview of how I work.