Clients & Case Study Snapshots

Over the years, I’ve worked with a smorgasbord of companies ~ all shapes, sizes and flavors ~ including a whole herd of technology folks, plus architectural design, retail massage, venture capitalists, organizational and business strategy firms… even feng shui consultants.  

In spite of their many differences, ultimately, all these companies share a common goal ~ creating marketing that creates entrepreneurial success. That’s why they called the Maven.

Clients of the technology sort:  BigLever Software ~ Optimal Electronics ~ Manticore Technology ~ Track Software ~ Elemica ~ Convio ~ Permeo Technologies (now Blue Coat) ~ Deepfile (now StoredIQ) ~ ClearCube Technology ~ Dell Computer ~ BMC Software ~ Pendere ~ Pavilion Technologies ~ (now Peoplefluent) ~ Works ~ Zilliant ~ Framework Technologies

Service provider & small business clients: TAG International ~ Oak Haven Massage ~ Ford Business Consultants ~ Trellis Partners ~ ISDG ~ McDermott Consulting ~ Time Out ~ LifePath Retreats ~ SmartShield Sunscreens ~ Spring Break Dawg ~ Feng Shui with Karen Ann  

Case Study Snapshots

BigLever’s Gears solution changes the way companies engineer, deliver and evolve their product lines. When I encountered BigLever, the company was poised for greatness ~ but needed a Maven to help build out the marketing side of the business. As BigLever’s Virtual VP of Marketing, I worked closely with the CEO (seven years and counting) to help translate their brilliance into ground-floor marketing strategies that established the company as THE acknowledged leader in a newly emerging marketspace.

We used innovative, practical, grassroots approaches ~ and made it all happen on a bootstrapped budget. BigLever’s stellar technology and expertise, in tandem with well-defined and executed marketing, caught the attention of key media folks and analyst firms. Then, some of the major players came calling with opportunities for creating strategic alliances. All this brought BigLever squarely into the forefront of the industry.

Today, BigLever’s Gears solution is being used by notable companies like General Motors, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, NetApp (previously LSI Logic), HomeAway and many more. Can I just say… BigLever rocks!

TAG provides an array of services for commercial building projects ~ from concept planning and site evaluation to architectural design, project and process management. The company has an impressive list of clients, across many arenas… economic development, industrial manufacturing, medical, and retail.

When I began working with the TAG partners, they had a well-defined positioning approach that was a solid foundation for building out their roadmap plan. Excellent! However, there was a problem… many of their current and potential clients simply didn’t know the full scope of the company’s capabilities. TAG needed to fix this perception problem in a way that was efficient, affordable and informational to fit their professional image.

We created a series of guides that conveyed their insight and knowledge in a manner that was both engaging and educational. Each guide focused on a specific aspect of their expertise, across the gambit of their capabilities. These informational guides became the foundation for expanding their outreach to clients, as well as to new audiences ~ using low-cost, highly targeted vehicles.

Soon, TAG routinely began to hear “wow, we didn’t know you guys did that!” The company’s opportunities for new client engagements, submitting proposals, and new partnerships grew… Love it when that happens.

Optimal’s Optel technology is nothing short of genius ~ in the way it enables electronics manufacturers to achieve breakthrough gains in their production operations. The company has worked with some of the biggest names in the manufacturing world, but they needed a way to better communicate the value of their technology and leverage their customer success.

How do I work? Thought you'd never ask.

We started with positioning and messaging strategy development as the foundation for moving their marketing forward. From there, it was a matter of defining the roadmap plan for evolving their marketing approach.

Working with a tight budget, we revamped their inventory of marketing materials, spotlighted their success via public relations, and created a reservoir of white papers and  technical product overviews ~ which we used to design and execute a series of targeted email campaigns and score articles in select industry publications. It just goes to show you, innovative technology is a winning proposition, when its combined with the right marketing approach.

That’s a quick snapshot of a few of my latest endeavors. Wanna learn more about these customer stories ~ or other Cathy Martin Consults endeavors?

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